Battlestar Galactica Eye of Jupiter Gray Juniors T-Shirt

Battlestar Galactica Eye of Jupiter Gray Juniors T-Shirt

It’s just like being in Kara Thrace’s old apartment in Delphi on Caprica from the Battlestar Galactica show! This Battlestar Galactica Eye of Jupiter Gray Juniors T-Shirt features the colorful mandala that Starbuck has doodled since she was a child; the Eye of Jupiter – a religious artifact believed to be contained in the Temple of Five on the Algae Planet – that supposedly contains clues to the location of Earth. The Eye of Jupiter drawing wouldn’t be complete without the poem that Starbuck added: “Methodically smoking my cigarette. Every breath I breathe out the day. With every delicious sip I drink away the night. Stroking my hair to. The beat of his heart. Watching a boy turn into a man.” Wear the Eye of Jupiter and its truth will be revealed… or you may just start painting it like crazy on your own walls.

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